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Monday, April 17, 2006

What are ILQ bearings?

ILQ BearingILQ is the brand name of a non standard type of inline skating ball bearing manufactured by Twincam.
ILQ bearings feature a 6 rather than 7 ball construction, the 6 balls are slightly larger those found in standard 7 ball inline ball bearings. Twincam claim that the 6 ball construction can handle greater loading rates and run with less friction due to the larger size of the balls.

Twincam successfully attempted to parallel their new line of bearings with the ABEC standard by branding their low end bearings as "ILQ-7" (comparable to ABEC-7) and their high end bearings as "ILQ-9" (comparable to ABEC-9) .

I must stress the point that ABEC is a standard while ILQ is a brand name. a Twincam ILQ -7 bearing is not necessarily better or worse than a bearing from a different manufacturer that conforms to the ABEC-7 standard. For more information see: Busting the ILQ myth.

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