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Friday, September 7, 2007

Opening Ceremony

International TeamsTonight was the opening ceremony of the Jeonju Inline Festival. There were quiet a few guests of honor, including the Mayor of Jeonju. All the international delegates were presented - China, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), India, Great Britian, France and of course Roi and I from Israel. We were personally introduced to the Mayor, and recived a small gift from the federation. The interviews were not to late to come.

During the coming days we will compete at 500m, 1000m and 3,000m track races. a 21K road race and will watch the Slalom and Hockey competitions. I'm preparing an extensive video report, wich will probably be prepared a few days after my return to Israel.

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  1. didn't you just get back from Colombia? what's all this Korea about?

    well, i guess now that your world famous, you're on a tour!
    where's next?