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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Team Israel skater takes 38th place in Berlin Marathon

The results of the Berlin marathon are in and, despite heavy rain and slippery skating conditions, Team Israel star Itay Drory clocked in a formidable 1:24:11, placing him in 38th in the overall ranking of the fitness division.
With such a result, I'm sure we'll see him competing with the pros next year.

2010 Marks the fifth consecutive year that Israeli skaters have participated in the Berlin inline skating marathon. This year our delegation was 5 skaters strong, finishing times and overall ranking was as follows:

  • Itay Drory 1:24:11 (M, 38)
  • Boaz Ben-Naftali 1:39:26 (M, 532)
  • Ilan Arenstien 1:52:15 (M, 1324)
  • Rita Kogen 1:53:15 (F 250)
  • Limor Azriel (F 987)
I'm looking forward to next year, when I hope to participate myself.


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  1. Dear Boaz,
    I am an English teacher in the Ulpana of Kiryat Arba. We read an article about you and speed skating in class and my students wanted to know more about this sport so I used the opportunity to teach my students how to write a letter (in English, of course)and we wrote a letter to you. I would like to send it to you and hope you have time to respond to my class. They would love to hear from you and get their questions answered.
    What is your address?

    thanks so much!
    Sara Lifshitz