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Thursday, August 23, 2007

20K Elimination Race

World Inline Speedskating Championships, Cali, Colombia. 

I just got off the track after the 20K Elimination race. Keeping in mind what I have learned from competing with all these world class skaters the past few days - I started as fast as I could (which still opened a gap between me and the skater in front of me) and dived into the pack full force.

By the time I cleared the first curve, I couldn't believe it, but I was in the pack. Not tailgating the last two skater, but actually in the pack, with about 10 skaters behind me. Keeping up to race speed was much easier in the pack, but I quickly found out that I have a lot to learn about pack dynamics. Every few seconds the pack would shuffle, and it seemed like everybody knew exactly were to go but me. Every time this happened, a skater or two would pass me, and then I would catch up, sometimes riding in two of my overtaker.

After about two or three laps of this, the pack behind me began getting quiet thin, and I lost my draft during a pack shuffle. On my own now, I took comfort in the fact that I saw at least one Indian skater behind me. I then focused all my energy, both mental and physical on staying ahead of him, and not being lapped out before the next elimination.

"Push, Reach, Push. Keep your hands of you knees, stay low, repeat". This mantra kept me going for about three more laps against a vicious headwind, until the anticipated elimination got me off the track. When I got off, I counted at least four skaters that were already waiting on the sidelines.

Having improved the amount of laps I actually managed to skate, and maybe even my overall ranking compared to the last race, I'm quiet happy with the results. The official ranking has not yet been posted, I´ll be sure to update when they are.


  1. Awesome hearing that you did better! I'm really proud of you!

  2. We are proud of you!! It's your first international event. I'm sure you have improved and learned a lot in only a couple days.
    Mort says: Stay away from the girls while you are competing....

  3. Yonatan (Schmidel)August 26, 2007 at 7:31 AM

    Boaz, I'm dedicating today's Yitzhak Sade uphill segment to you!