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Monday, August 20, 2007

500 Meter Track Race

World Inline Speedskating Championships, Cali, Colombia. 

500m TrackToday I raced the 500m Track, I was in the first heat, along with two Koreans (who have been putting on amazing performances so far), Two Americans (Joey included), and one Brazilian. So just keeping up would be very, very hard.

Again, I didn't have a good start, but nearly caught up with the pack on the first corner, after that, I lost them completely. By the end of the race they gained nearly half a lap on me.

Regardless, it was a great race, and just being there was worth it. Click the photo for a very nice larger version!

Jason McDaniel and my new castsLater I got casted by Jason McDaniel for a custom boot. He owns his own brand, and makes the customs for Cado Motus as well. Haven't decided if I'll get the boots yet, but since I probably won't have another chance to get casted, so I figured its worth 15 minutes of my time.

Tonight I'll be watching the relay races and tomorrow is our day off.


  1. Also... great pic of you on the track with Joey!!

  2. Hey Boaz! Great to hear that you got casted by Jason!! Did you see some silver colored boots that he has for show there? Those are mine!! Tell him I said to take care of my boots! Don't let anybody try them on!!!

  3. עבדלנורAugust 21, 2007 at 3:39 AM

    איזה זווית מחזיק הקוראני (מס' 106) ברולר של שמאל כשהרגל מאחורה, מדהים

  4. Wow! Boaz, what a great experience. Love the shot of you racing w Joey Mantia and all those super trained stars. Also, great photos! I saw you in the opening ceremonies. Definitely making some inline skating history. Congrats!

    Mike B