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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Front page news!

World Inline Speedskating Championships, Cali, Colombia. 

Fornt page news on El-Colombiano NewspaperAn article published today in the "El-Colombiano" newspaper featured me on the front page of the sports section. My Spanish isn't all that good, but I believe it is part of a larger article about how all the different nations at the competition are getting along. It also talks about the fact that since I am alone here, I function as the Israeli skater, delegation leader, coach, photographer and so on...

Click the photo for the full article.

Today were my 200m Road time trials, scoring 24.41 left me last in the senior men category. Cutting two tenths of a second off my time would have placed me second from last, ahead of Hong-Kong. Still, I'm having a great time, and hoping to do better in the 10K points race tonight. My goal is to last at least 10 laps before being lapped out of the race.

I also just heard that the marathon will not be a point-to-point race, as I though it would, but will have a 8K roundabout at the end of it. This means that slower skaters might be lapped out and eliminated even in the marathon. I am truly hoping to be able to complete the marathon. At least the possibility of being eliminated is great motivation to skate faster :)


  1. Boaz,
    As the newspaper says you are: "One man show". Your are incredible doing all those things by yourself..keep it up ....
    N and M

  2. הי, בועד עזז, מגניב לראות אותך בעיתון :)
    בהצלחה במרתון, וגם בכל מה שלפני.