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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Go Team Pines!

Team Pines PracticeThe afternoon started early today, as I head out for Brian Piccolo Park.
I made it there just after 5pm, and by the time I got my gear together, it was about 17:30. First I tried the velodrome - the banked track was tough as I was not used to that kind of skating. It really took the wind out of me. My Stomace was also politely but firmly reminding me of the 20 ounce hamburger I had earlier.
On the track, I met Wayne - A very interesting guy from Jamaica, who turned out to have friends in Hertzlia.
I quickly gave up on the Track, and went out to the road course. I skated a few short intervals. There was quiet a headwind, and it was very hot. So by 18:30 or so I was already rather tiered.
At approximatly 19:00, though I had nearly given up on them, the Team Pines gang began showing up. Mostly 10 to 16 year old girls, with better skates than what most Senior skaters have in Israel (Simmons, Hypers, Pinnacles and such).
I met Vanessa, the coach filling in for Juan, and Ayo (I hope I got the name right) - who were very hospitable and welcomed me to their practice.
skatelog forum meetLater I met George of Liberty Sports (inline speed frame manufacturer), along with his wife and son. streetsk8r from the Skatelog forum, and of course, the famous Panch0 - also from the Skatelog.
We had a great training session - Ayo, George and a kid, whos name I belive was Alex, really gave me a run for my money.

Just before I left, I met Zack - a Pakistani Living in the states that will be coming to Cali with me tomorrow to represent his country. We'll even be staying at the same hotel.

I Shot some great pictures, and even tried out my new ATC-2K helmet cam. You can see the resulting Video here. As you can see I still need to work on getting the viewing angle right...

Before he left, Panch0 gave me a small sovenier from our rendevouse, I'll be posting about it when I get home, it's a surprise :)

Finally meeting some speedskaters from abroad was a true delight, especially thoes that I've been talking to for almost a year on the skatelog forum. All in all, I had quiet a great day!


  1. Nice pics Boaz! It was great to meet you and have a bit of a skate with you! Thanks for the present you brought me... at the end, it's all good for you!

    Have lots of fun in Cali!

    btw: instead of Ayo... read Jairo (Cañon)! That's one darned good Master skater!

  2. What happened to these pix?